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Car Rental


While on vacation, renting a car can have many benefits:

  • Renting a car makes life easier for you. When on holiday, we have a limited amount of time and so many activities we want to do. Most times we end up not doing a number of the things we really want to do. Renting a car gives you more time and flexibliity to get the most out of your holiday time. But with public transportation, you lose a great deal of time planning trip times, waiting for the taxi, bus, or train, queuing for tickets, and making stops along the way to your different destinations.  
  • Renting a car can save you money, especially as a group. Using public transport as a family or group can quickly become expensive and you may end up limiting your outings to save costs.
  • Renting a car on vacation is so much more comfortable than taking public transport, especially if you have young children. Walking to and waiting at bus stops or rails can be a real chore, particularly if you have a full itinerary.

Hiring a car abroad has major benefits yes, but it can also bring problems and unnecessary expense if not done right. There are many ways car rental companies can charge you for 'extras' that you may not want or need, and it's not always easy to understand what is in their small prints.

Worthy-Vee can take this hassle right our of your hands and make the process hitch-free. Talk to us about your car rental needs while travelling.