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Group Travel


Group travel can be a bit confusing to some people, as people assume "Group Travel" is when two or more people travel together.

Group travel most often means when 10 or more people travel together. There is emphasis on 10 or more people because at that number, amazing discounts can be gotten for a vast array of servies, from ticket prices to hotel reservations and even activites. With group travel, it is usually required that the travellers all leave from the same location (usually at the same time), with the same airline and arrive at the same location.

Group travel can also mean a large number of bookings by one group but to different destinations and via different airlines. In this case though, group travel benefits do not apply even though it's a group travelling.

So while a company organising travel for 30 staff members via different flights to different destinations is technically a group of people travelling..in reality it is 30 individual bookings. On the other hand if 10 of those staff members were going to the same location via the same airline, then that would qualify as group travel.

Worthy-Vee are experts at organising group travels and ensuring you get all the benefits that accrue to group travellers - from discounted tickets, transport costs, hotel accommodation, meals to even holiday activities.