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Travel Insurance


"Travel Insurance" is often described as 'medical insurance while you travel'. , while others simply describe it as insurance for cancelled flights and missing luggage.

From missed flights to lost luggage, to stolen belongings to injuries or sickness while on your trip, "Travel Insurance" can cover all of these things depending on which policy you purchase. Not all policies are created equal, and many different things can be covered depending on which you purchase. Worthy-Vee Travels can help you secure the right plan based on your travel itinerary.

Travelling abroad can have several risks that might disrupt your trip and require unplanned expenses. The two biggest risks when traveling abroad are accidents and food-borne illness. Either of these situations can land you in a hospital while in a foreign country. At this point, not only will you need medical care, but you'll also need to pay those medical bills and perhaps even find a way to get home in a hurry. This is where travel insurance and international medical insurance comes in handy.

Other situations that often arise, which are usually covered by travel insurance, include:

  • Missing a flight or cancelling a trip due to illness, a work emergency, or servere weather
  • Lost or stolen luggage
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Having to return home unexpectedly due to a death in the family

Finding yourself in a tough situation without some form of travel insurance can be a disaster for your travel plans, not to mention cost a great deal of money to get out of.