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Wellness Holidays/Vacations


A wellness holiday is any holiday that brings about an improvement in your physical and or mental health. There are many options for ‘wellness holidays’. The holidays can be really speicific or intensive eg  an intensive detox programme, immersive yoga retreat, an anti-stress programme or a fitness bootcamp. These holidays are usually in a dedicated wellness hotel or clinic, or ea destination spa or a retreat setting.

But the holidays can also be a laid back regular holiday with some wellness included. However, you may not want something as intensive as this but you may want to include your favourite sports or activities into your holiday, such as tennis, surfing, hiking and or spa treatments. Your regular summer holiday can become a wellness holiday if you add in some activity and some healthy food choices, rest and relaxation and it boosts your physical or mental health, then consider it a ‘wellness holiday’. Hotels are responding to the huge rise in demand for ‘wellness’ and so in general they are providing more and more fitness and activity options as well as healthier food choices.

If you’re serious about a wellness holiday, that is, you have a specific goal in mind – be it improving fitness, losing weight, reducing stress, then the recommended option is to travel to a dedicated wellness hotel, or ‘destination spa’. The benefit of travelling to a specialist hotel is that there will be a specialist expert team (spa, fitness, nutrition, yoga etc) plus for the guests, there are minimal distractions or temptations to lure them away from the goal they are there for. Other guests are also there for wellness and so guests are serious about why they’re there and what they want to achieve with their time.

These hotels suit the solo traveller perfectly as they can focus entirely on themselves and their own wellness goals for the duration of their stay without any distraction.